Friday, January 8, 2010

Why people are not using sharepoint designer?

I have seen some people,they are not interested to use sharepoint desinger I dont know why? even though they are not familiar with syntaxs of sharepoint webcontrols , field contrls while desingning page layouts, customizing master pages and sharepoint controls

I dont know about other sharepoint developors, but whenever I get chance I love to use sharepoint desinger to customize my pages

Because if we use sharepoint desinger our development will be faster, no need of sitting on Visual Studio and breaking head for syntaxs(not only for syntaxs it provides lot of other features like workflows,reporting, data view webparts etc...)

Recently I asked one sharepoint senior developer why you are not using sharepoint desinger for designing the pagelayouts?

I got very silly answer that he feels that when we edit page using sharepoint designer that will go and sit in to content database

Yes his answer is correct but in which situation, when we save the page and checked- in

But in production we are going to deploy all these things as a separate features so there will not be any problem regarding perfomrance point of view

Think how much time it will take to develop same in VSIDE, personally I am 100% sure that it will take more time to design a page using VSIDE, when we compare with sharepoint desinger if you are not familiar with sharepoint designer

So guys please use sharepoint designer to make your share point development faster

Soon you will except some good stuff on sharepoint designer